This week I thought I’d share my current warm up I do before working out. Of course I do additional movements depending on the rest of my programme that day, but this is the “core”… View Post

Short answer? There is no answer….each squat variation has it’s own benefits, and practicing a range of movements is extremely beneficial whether your’e trying to lose weight, gain strength or anything in between. Squats are… View Post

How often do you consider your goals when it comes to fitness, health and activity?  If I asked you the same for your day to day work, I’d guess it would be considerably more frequent…but… View Post

I aim, and usually succeed, for 7 hours sleep each night. Some parts of me think that sleeping is a waste of precious time, but on the other hand I feel noticeably better after consistent… View Post

Sometimes you have a bad day at training, it happens, it’s frustrating but you’ve just got to deal with it and move on. Sometimes though it is a case of your head getting in the way… View Post