This week I thought I’d share my current warm up I do before working out. Of course I do additional movements depending on the rest of my programme that day, but this is the “core”… View Post

I aim, and usually succeed, for 7 hours sleep each night. Some parts of me think that sleeping is a waste of precious time, but on the other hand I feel noticeably better after consistent… View Post

Sometimes you have a bad day at training, it happens, it’s frustrating but you’ve just got to deal with it and move on. Sometimes though it is a case of your head getting in the way… View Post

I have always found it quite tricky to make hummus as tasty as it can be bought (my favourite is Booths..YUM) but this time, I nailed it – if I do say so myself! The… View Post

When was the last time you pushed yourself outside of your comfort zone? Last weekend I travelled down to the beautiful Snowdonia national park to have a go at Zipworld Caverns. (There is so much… View Post