Short answer? There is no answer….each squat variation has it’s own benefits, and practicing a range of movements is extremely beneficial whether your’e trying to lose weight, gain strength or anything in between. Squats are… View Post

How often do you consider your goals when it comes to fitness, health and activity?  If I asked you the same for your day to day work, I’d guess it would be considerably more frequent…but… View Post

With the approach of summer, holidays are imminent (wahoo).  A lot of people associate holidays with packing on the pounds and losing fitness, but to me there’s no reason why that should be the case… View Post

 I have recently had a bit of a hiccup with my skin, breaking out with some blemishes which is quite unusual for me (though I definitely had my fair share whilst I was a… View Post

As promised, here are some more slider movements that you can do practically anywhere. Who’s given the exercise from part 1 a go? I’d love to know how you got on! Single Leg Hamstring Curl … View Post