What is it? Unilateral training is basically carrying out exercises on one arm, or one leg rather than both arms or both legs at the same time. Why does it work? Bilateral training (using both… View Post

How's your squat technique? How much time do you spend on your mobility?Chances are the answers to these two questions are linked. I would guess less than 60% of people that squat regularly spend sufficient… View Post

The straddle up is a perfect movement for balancing strength and technique – I absolutely love working on it. At the moment my focus is making mine more consistent. Here are some drills and exercises… View Post

Our glutes have the potential to be the strongest muscle group in the body, yet because of our sedentary lifestyle they are often the most overlooked – they actually stop working properly because of inactivity, crazy right?… View Post

This week I thought I’d share my current warm up I do before working out. Of course I do additional movements depending on the rest of my programme that day, but this is the “core”… View Post