Travel Guide: Singapore

Price: 4/5

Best places to watch sunrise/sunset:

Catch sunset at the Sky Park bar, with a Singapore sling, of course. And we enjoyed being at Merlion Park for sunrise too.

Where to stay:

I stayed near to Clarke’s Quay, which was ideal for getting around close to a number of metro stations, the hostel was a capsule hostel on Circular Road.

Where to eat:

When in Singapore, hit up the Hawker Centres – Lau Pa Sat, Newton Circus and Maxwell, get some Kaya Toast at Ya Kun Kaya Toast and absolutely must visit Non Entree Desserts for their avalanches.

Favourite cafes: Atlas Coffeehose (post Botanical Gardens), Common Man and my favourite Chye Song Huat Hardware.

How to get around:

The best way I found was to get a EZ Link card ( I think it was $5 for the card plus a minimum of $7 top up to get started) which I could get from the airport train station (after A LOT of faffing because I had no currency and nowhere accepted cards except the kiosk I eventually found and the ATM wouldn’t use my card – better planning required next time). You need to top up at the machines using cash only, and the minimum is $10, it can be used on buses and trains which are both crazy cheap. Other than that we mainly walked, my favourite, just be aware sometimes pedestrian crossings aren’t as frequent as you may like.

How to enjoy actively:

Being a pretty built up area there isn’t as much opportunity to get out and active as I would like, and it is pretty humid so the sweat was very real pretty much as soon as I got outside. I would recommend a stroll through the Botanical Gardens, which are stunning (we also saw otters, some giant swimming lizard thing and the most beautiful orchids – definitely stop at the little shop in the middle and try one of their own ginger based drinks), and we also caught some Tai Chi there too which I bet would be amazing to join (if that’s an option, I don’t know).

We went to MacRitchie Reservoir for a hike to the Treetop Walk which was lovely, despite the extreme downpour part way round – it was rainy season after all. We got the bus to Flame Tree Park and started from there – it took a few hours with a few hills and steps, we had a rather long break in the middle too whilst we tried to shelter from the rain (in the end we just went for it, got drenched but dried off pretty quickly when the sun came back out!).

I think there is also more to do on Sentosa but we didn’t have the time to get there – I had paddle boarding on my list of possibilities.

I also spotted some rowing and kayaking in Marina Bay which I’m sure would have been great.

What to do:

I spent 4 days in Singapore which was a good amount of time, though perhaps a day or two longer would have been ideal.

  • Visit the Super Trees, during the day and at night (my favourite) – they were much more impressive than I had expected. You can also go to the Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome too which was fun, the Cloud Forest definitely my preferred.

  • There’s lots of beautiful buildings in Singapore that I loved to look at, we enjoyed the area around Haji Lane, the multicoloured houses on Koon Seng Road and the Marina Bay area for something more modern.

  • Have a wander around China Town, I also believe Little India is pretty cool too but we didn’t get there properly.
  • Explore the Marina Bay Sands Hotel – it’s pretty impressive, and fun to explore (and stay I’m sure, if it’s in your budget – just for watching sunset from he infinity pool).
  • Watch the evening lightshow from Merlion Park, I think it runs at 8, 9 and 11

  • Get a Singapore Sling at Raffles, because its a cliche and it’s cute.

Other helpful bits:

  • The water in Singapore is ok to drink from the taps
  • Be prepared for sudden downpours, in rainy season at least
  • Citymapper works here which makes getting around very easy.

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