Are you still motivated?

We’re now well into February (can you believe it?) and for those that kickstarted the year with a new finesse for regular exercise or healthy eating that means it’s about 6 weeks in – to create a habit can take anywhere between 18 days and 254 days for most people, so it may be that you’ve hit a bump in motivation by now. If that’s you, read ahead for some tips and tricks to help keep you on track:

Book it in and write it down – whether that’s time for exercise, or food prep, give it a specific slot in your diary, and set a reminder so you don’t forget. If it helps book on to a class to give you some extra accountability!

Keep hydrated – the fewer barriers the better so don’t let a lack of water, and the consequences, get in the way. No one feels like cooking, prepping or exercising with a headache or fatigue. Amiright?

Try not to eat excessively sugary foods, the spike of sugar will lead to ups and downs in your insulin and therefore blood sugar levels – when you hit the sugar low it’s likely to make you feel drained and sluggish (see above, not great for motivation).

Try to move first thing, but listen to your body – it may be more appropriate to go for a walk (extra points for getting out in the fresh air and natural light to set that circadian rhythm) or a yoga flow rather than some high intensity. But whatever you do, it’s bound to increase those endorphins and make you feel better and more positive for the day ahead.

Find a friend with similar goals (or a similar process!) and keep each other motivated, it all adds some extra accountability and you can help inspire each other, and maybe even give each other new ideas or outlooks.

Try to practice mindfulness alongside, whether that’s by meditation, or simply focusing on exactly what you’re doing, and the present sensations, at points throughout the day (when you’re walking along the street, notice the breeze and how it feels on your skin). It all helps!

Whatever you’re working on, just remember to keep making the small steps in the right direction – it doesn’t always have to be an all or nothing, if that doesn’t work for you.


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