How to get back to the gym after the Summer

Ok, so you’ve worked hard to achieve your bikini body and now your holiday is over or perhaps you’ve just had some time out of the gym and finding it hard work to get back to on for some helpful hints and tips for making it back into your exercise regime…

  • Write down your goals – think about what you want to achieve and why, these may be strength gains, weightloss, skills to learn or fitness orientated…whatever they are write them down and come up with a plan to achieve them. Having a reminder of what you’re working on is always a motivator to get you keep on towards them.
  • Make it easy for yourself – don’t give yourself excessive excuses to not exercise, so perhaps clear a space at home for some workouts, find a gym that’s en route home (or near enough) so you don’t have to go back out again, prepare your workout clothing/bag so it’s ready to go – remove those barriers!
  • Remember something is better than nothing – you can start small, maybe a 20 minute walk in the morning to get you back in the swing of things, or short bursts of exercise through the day when you have a spare 10 minutes. Being efficient with your time is important, so you don’t feel like you’re spending too much time on exercise – be organised, plan your workout and focus, don’t take unnecessary breaks to check your phone etc.
  • Make yourself accountable – sign up to a gym class, arrange to exercise with a friend or just make sure to tell lots of people that you’re going to the gym or a class.
  • Enjoy your workout – the easiest way to keep motivated is to do exercise that you enjoy! Think about what you like to do and build that into your regime.
  • Remember the best results come from long term sustainable lifestyle choices, rather than a short term fix – the changes and exercises you do should be the sort you want to maintain for the long term, not restrictive or excessive. So instead of setting up for your next bikini body, try setting up for life instead.

I hope they help – let me know if you have any questions!


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