Soul Circus Festival

In case you missed it on my Instagram, I went to Soul Circus Festival last weekend. It’s a yoga and wellness festival based in the beautiful Cotswolds.

We travelled down after work on the Thursday night, making sure to stop at the last service station for some snacks and one last toilet trip (before embracing the port-a-loos – not literally), we followed the beautifully lit path into the camping field, parked up, jumped into the back and went to sleep.

We headed into the arena (which is approximately a 60 second walk from the camping field) first thing in the morning to collect our wrist bands and the programme.

The next few days were filled with all the fun – from yoga, spinning, aerial skills, pilates and meditation, to live music (including Maxi Jazz, from Faithless), insightful talks, excellent food, an outdoor sauna, stalls, hot tubs and even a spa.

So, what do you need?

  • Warm Layers
  • Thick socks
  • A water bottle to refill
  • Yoga mat (though you can rent these too)
  • Layers to put on for morning meditation, or in the evening
  • Toilet roll
  • Baby wipes
  • Glitter (or you can check out Shine Shack who had a stand – be warned, the glitter will stay with you for a good 5 days!!!)
  • Waterproof – just in case it rains, though there are lots of tents for shelter
  • Flip flops were a staple for us all weekend

What do you eat?

There is a large tent where the majority of food is served, there were different options for breakfast including chia puds, fruit, porridge and granola as well as a cooked breakfast (along the lines of eggs, beans, avo, toast) and then there were often hot choices in the afternoon and evening (the pie was literally to die for, so delicious!). There are also various stalls selling food products and a small ‘pantry’ to buy bits and pieces.

Plus there were a couple of food vans selling chicken, and veggie, curries and wraps as well as waffles with dairy free ice cream.

There was a coffee van (which, as you can imagine, got very busy) as well as a fantastic range of teas from Born Wild Tea.

We took a range of snacks in the van too, for in between classes – it’s amazing how much you need to eat when you’re on the go all day!!

Where do you stay?

We stayed in my sisters converted van, which was literally my dream – we just popped an air bed in the back and voila! I have done my fair share of camping at festivals (V Festival x 6, T in the Park..) and definitely prefer the van but obviously that isn’t always an option. I would genuinely say never use a 2 man tent – there is just nowhere to move and get ready so it feels very cramped and busy. I would recommend a 4 man tent with separate compartments that you can stand in….but that’s just me – I’m sure lots of people manage in 2 man.

There are also local B & Bs and there’s always Air BnB which I think was a real hit, the Pop Up Hotel was also on hand with ready set up luxury tents. One of my favourite festival experiences is Coachella, I stayed in a hotel which was dreamy, there was a pool to relax in the morning and regular buses to the festival – though being in the desert the weather was more guaranteed!

What were the highlights?

Seeing a range of yoga teachers and styles really helped inspire me to continue with yoga, and hopefully do a YTT in the near future, something I’ve been considering for a while. It was great to explore different options and learn how to do more complex movements.

This is the smallest festival I’ve ever been to – it was amazing to have everything so close together, so it wasn’t a chore to navigate from one arena/tent to another, just a 30 second walk across the field.

The hot tubs and sauna were an amazing way to unwind after a full day of activities, it’s the first time I’ve been to a festival with this facility and it made such a huge difference to the day (don’t worry there were showers too!).

Both the aerial yoga and acro yoga were amazing fun, and really inspired me to work on these and seek out more classes (or practice) – a yoga sling in my house has been firmly added to my ‘house goals’ list.

It really was a meeting place for like minded people, I met so many lovely, interesting people who had such a lot to offer.

The talks I attended really opened my eyes – there was so much relevant information specific to me and my life at the moment, helping me to think about things in a different way, or understand things better – it was really fascinating and left me with all sorts of ideas, inspirations and food for thought.

It was great to see so many small businesses, talkers and teachers from the local area – it really made for a great vibe and gave the festival a closer knit feel.

What if you missed it?

There’s always next year! If I was in the country, I would definitely have got a ticket already, I would absolutely recommend this festival – it really was one of my favourites and a great way to nurture your wellbeing, relax and have fun.

However, if you’re after a festival sooner than that there are still a few to come this festival season so check out these:

Festival No 6 – set at one of my favourite childhood spots, Portmerion, it has music, excellent food, morning paddle boarding, hot tubs, yoga and much more – all set in the most idyllic location.

Beyond Archipelago – the most exciting festival I’ve ever heard of including sea kayaking, wild fishing, wild cooking, wild camping (there’s a theme, right?), yoga & meditation and live DJs, oh yes and it’s set on a private island in Sweden….you heard correctly!!







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