Focus on: Squat Therapy

How's your squat technique? How much time do you spend on your mobility?
Chances are the answers to these two questions are linked.

I would guess less than 60% of people that squat regularly spend sufficient time on their mobility.

Here are some basic movements to help work that squat technique.

1: Squat facing the wall. Aiming for toes next to the wall and hands tracing it down as you squat to full range of movement. The toes can turn out, and to start with can be away from the wall. This forces the torso to stay upright and stops the weight going forward.

2: Hawaiian squat. With one leg crossed over and holding on to something for support (rig, bar, whatever) squat down as low as you are able whilst keeping the chest upright. Keep the crossed leg close to the body and the knee pushed down.

3: Goblet squat. Holding a kettlebell, or dumbbell, in front of the chest perform a squat keeping the chest up and the weight through the heels.

4: Russian baby makers. Start in the bottom of a squat with your hands under your toes, arms inside the knees. Lift the hips up and squeeze the chest to the knees. Bend the knees to return back and pull the hips down, pushing the knees out with the arms.


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