Warming Up: What I do

This week I thought I’d share my current warm up I do before working out. Of course I do additional movements depending on the rest of my programme that day, but this is the “core” warm up.

A warm up is essential for lubricating the joints and preparing the body for exercise.

1: Row. I usually start with a gentle row,  around 500m, to get me moving and heart rate up. 

2: Burpees. Next up I do a burpee ladder. I start with one burpee, followed by one breath, two burpees, two breaths up to ten. By doing this format it helps to increase your breath efficiency.

3: Cossack squats. Great for improving mobility the Cossack squat is an excellent dynamic element for the warm up, I usually hold a 12kg KB (and use a barbell during my workouts) but it’s also a great movement just using bodyweight. Keep the heels on the floor and stay as low as possible when changing legs.

4: Halos. Great to mobilise the upper body, especially the shoulders. Hold the KB by the horns and using a fluid movement circle it around the head keeping tight in the core. Start light, move slow.

5: Jefferson Curl. A controversial movement I personally use, the Jefferson Curl should be pain free and initially performed with no weight (a “roll down”). Use an elevated surface such as a box or stable bench and start by tucking the chin to the chest and gradually moving down each vertebrae, flexing (bending) the spine – it’s important to maintain controlled, smooth movement. Then return back up the same way, one vertebrae at a time with the head being the last part.

6: I often finish the warm up with some inch worms and lunges followed by workout specific exercises, which vary from day to day depending on my programme and then…ready to work out!

Wearing Gymshark seamless leggings (here), Nike Metcons (no longer available) and Lululemon sports bra (here, white sold out).


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