How often do you consider your goals when it comes to fitness, health and activity? 

If I asked you the same for your day to day work, I’d guess it would be considerably more frequent…but really, that’s crazy when our health should be our absolute priority!

Goal setting can really help to keep you focused on what you want, or need, to achieve as well as providing some measurement to see how far you’ve come and motivate you to keep pushing forward.

I don’t really mean that you should necessarily be setting yourself goals like “run 400m in <50 seconds” or “deadlift 150kg”, though of course this may be relevant and something you’re looking to achieve, especially if you are training for a specific event or competition.

More like considering what you want to achieve and setting attainable targets and goals to help you get there. So you may truly wish to work on lifting heavier, or moving faster in which case the above are the sort of goals that you could look to set…or you may want to increase your activity levels, so something more along the lines of “get outdoors for exercise 3 times per week for the next 3 months” would be more suitable, or perhaps “try 3 new classes or activities in the next month”.

When you are looking to set goals, be sure to make them SMART (snore, I know..but I works). They should be:

  • specific so there is a definitive, clear yes when it’s achieved, 
  • measureable – quantify the goal
  • achievable – make sure that it is within the bounds of possibility, or don’t set yourself up for failure
  • relevant – is it relevant to you? Why do you want to achieve it?
  • timely – set a date to review the target, or achieve it by.

I have been really thinking about the goals I want to work towards, along with my programme to really push myself towards them and most of mine are working on movements, including a pike up to hanstand, human flag, straddle lever to handstand, and trying new activities (like aerial and callisthenics) rather than hitting weights or speeds. 

This is mainly because I’m not trying to compete in anything in particular (if I was, specific weights would probably be useful), instead I currently train for enjoyment and the achievement of learning new skills or movements. Again, I think this is absolutely unique for each person but I would recommend, if you don’t already, that you have a think and look at what you want to achieve and then identify some goals to help you on your way.

Do you review goals regularly?


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