Mind over matter – Hitting that PB

Sometimes you have a bad day at training, it happens, it’s frustrating but you’ve just got to deal with it and move on.
Sometimes though it is a case of your head getting in the way of your lift, your pace, your motivation. I know, because it can happen to me all too often. I start over thinking the movement, forgetting what I’ve learnt and then pick the bar up, go for a half-assed attempt and needless to say, fail.

When that happens, I have learnt to take a step back (maybe even take off the weight and build back up again) and give myself a couple of minutes before returning to the bar, without too much hesitation or time to overthink and pick it up. Sometimes you’ve just got to pick it up.

Do you ever let your head get the better of your PBs? How do you overcome it?

Wearing leggings from Born Nouli (here) and sports bra from Adanola.



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