Keeping Fit on Holiday

With the approach of summer, holidays are imminent (wahoo). 

A lot of people associate holidays with packing on the pounds and losing fitness, but to me there’s no reason why that should be the case (and this is coming from a true foodie that enjoys embracing any local delicacies). Here are some tips for keeping fit and active whilst your on your jollies:


The best thing to do in a new place? Get out and explore! My favourite way is on foot or by hiring a bike, just make sure you keep yourself protected from the sun.


Whether it’s in the hotel, the shopping centre or at the beach – if you’re able, take the stairs rather than a lift or escalator. Even better, take them twice! 


Three pieces of equipment to pack? Miniband, skipping rope and sliders. You can do SO much in your hotel room, check out my Instagram for a few ideas for some workouts if you’re stuck! HIIT is also a great way to spend a little time and get great results, my favourite time to do it is first thing in the morning before you start the day.


Whether it’s swimming, water sports, volleyball or even frisbee; mix up your sunbathing with a bit of activity (and fun).


So important, especially in the heat, to keep hydrated – keep a water bottle topped up and ready for drinking and always get a glass of water with your meals.


As you can see in the photos, I love to try something new when I’m away – including segways (they use your core for stability, as well as when you laugh), water sports (kayaking, flyboarding and paddle boarding are some of my favourites), surfing and horseriding. Oh and don’t forget you can handstand most places..

What’s your favourite way to keep active on holiday?


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