Slider Exercises (Part 2)

As promised, here are some more slider movements that you can do practically anywhere. Who’s given the exercise from part 1 a go? I’d love to know how you got on!

Single Leg Hamstring Curl 

Starting in the glute bridge position with the sliders under the heels extend one leg out, keeping the hips up. Once you hit full extension pull the heel back in squeezing the glutes.

Hamstring Curl

To make this movement more challenging slide both legs out and return to the glute bridge position.

Slider Squats

With the sliders under the feet, slide one leg out past shoulder width and squat (keep chest up and push bottom back), as you return to standing slide the other leg in to bring feet together. Repeat going the other way.

Courtesy Lunge

Again with the sliders under each foot, slide one leg backwards and across behind the body, keep hips square and bend to a lunge position. Careful not to let the front knee go forward over the foot. Return to standing and swap legs.


These can be performed both stepping forward and stepping backward (a combination of both is ideal). Again, keep the knees from pushing forward over the toes. Hand position is optional but I find it best on hips or in front of the body.

Side Lunge & Squat Complex

With the sliders under the feet extend one out to the side and bend that knee to a side lunge, pushing the bottom backwards and keeping the chest up. Return back to a shoulder width stance and squat. Repeat on the other leg and feel the burn!


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