Slider Exercises (Part 1)

I get quite a few questions about exercises that can be done at home so I’ve got a few posts lined up giving some exercises you can do anywhere, anytime. I recently got some sliders (from Beast Gear, here – they also kindly gave me a discount code: NATALIE10).

They have a soft side and a hard side meaning they are suitable for hard floor as well as carpet, literally they can be used anywhere and they really help build in your core to the movements as well as making different muscles work, improving stability all the way through. Another real plus to sliders is they are pretty small and can easily fit in a suitcase to make those holiday workouts much easier.

Here are some of my favourite plank-based exercises using sliders….

This is the starting position for almost all of the exercises, a straight plank shape with toes on the sliders (note how I’m on a hard floor so the soft side is down). It’s important to maintain a straight lower back throughout, squeezing your core and bottom. Keep the shoulders over the hands, or to increase the difficulty, move the hands forward.

Plank tucks

Bring the feet forward in to a tuck shape, squeezing the abdominals, return to plank.

Plank pikes 

Similar to the above but this time with straight legs, you should feel more in the upper body too.

Mountain climbers

Moving one foot at a time, bring the slider in between the arms. Return to plank position and repeat with the other leg.

Wide mountain climbers

Similar to the above except the slider goes to the outside of the arm.


Slightly trickier, the slider comes up and through, lifting the opposite arm and extending out on the diagonal.

Slider burpee

Tuck the knees in then come up to a stand (and jump if you want to, just remember you’re on sliders!).

Arm circles

This time with the hands on the sliders, moving one hand at a time push the slider upwards in a circle. The bigger the circle, the harder it is!

Reverse plank walks

In a reverse plank shape, with sliders under the heels and hands pointing towards feet, walk the hands backwards keeping hips up.

Sliders are a super affordable way to mix up your workout routine and are now firmly in my gym bag essentials (also including minibands).

There will be more slider exercises coming soon – focusing on upright movements. Is there anything else you’d like to see? Just please get in touch!


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