Why You Should Consider Incorporating Barbells to your Workout Routine

Since starting crossfit a few years ago I have slowly become fonder and fonder of barbell exercises. At first, like many, I was convinced this style of training would make me bulky, which personally is not somewhere I want to be. However, I understand now that when combined with a balanced diet, other cardio and training types and plenty of stretching I can see the results I want.

Barbell exercises, as often demonstrated in crossfit, can be an excellent cardio workout (Grace, I mean you) and varying the movements, reps and sets means that they can all be tailored to meet the desired requirements within your training programme.

Using barbells require coordination and core stability, learning the complex movements such as a snatch or clean can be pretty tricky at first and technique is so important to reduce the risk of injury, so starting off light and honing the correct form is essential. I would recommend seeking specialist help if you’re new to these movements and videoing or using a mirror until you are confident.

The best thing, I think, about lifting is that your core is constantly working, whether you are squatting or jerking. This is so much so that I don’t always build ab specific exercises into my programme (though I do love a good plank and rotation movement are often neglected with barbells too).

I am definitely one for seeing results and I love that you can track your progress, whether it’s a 10 rep max, or a 1 rep max – it’s the best motivation to keep doing what you’re doing and working to beat your results (I use the iPR app to track my lifting, as well as Crossfit workouts and skills).

And the best thing about weightlifting? When you get a PB it is the best feeling.

Do you use barbells in your workouts?



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