Zipworld Caverns

When was the last time you pushed yourself outside of your comfort zone?

Last weekend I travelled down to the beautiful Snowdonia national park to have a go at Zipworld Caverns.

(There is so much to do in Snowdonia and that’s just the zipworld adventures never mind Surf Snowdonia, climbing Snowdon….)

It’s basically an underground cavern filled with zipwires, rope bridges and tunnels which you navigate using metal ‘steps’ jutting from the rock face..oh and you’re in control of attaching yourself to the right bit of wire to secure yourself in…no pressure then!

The first part of the adventure involves training with an instructor, getting used to the system and how the ‘click it’s’ and pulleys work (the bits you attach on to)…then you’re let loose on the main course, which ends in the steepest zip wire in the UK starting 30m above the cavern floor.

I was genuinely surprised by how difficult the very first zipwire was to physically push off…I knew I needed to, but my body wouldn’t let me! I checked and rechecked, and triple checked to make sure I was attached properly….and that didn’t even help. In the end of just lifted my feet off the floor and set off really slowly. Rest assured, once the first one was over it got much easier, and by the time we went on the main course it felt quite straight forward (as long as you didn’t look down!!).

It made me realise how important it is to push through your comfort zone and try something to challenge yourself, I would absolutely recommend giving it a go.

The question is…what’s next? Skydive, bungee jump…..recommendations are welcome.




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