Time to try something new? My morning tonic.

Every day since I can remember my mum started her day with a hot water and lemon. When my dad was feeling a bit under the weather he would swear by hot water, manuka honey and apple cider vinegar. At first, I thought they were crazy..but then I decided to combine the lot and give it a go. Now I feel lost if my day doesn’t start that way!

It is certainly an acquired taste, which you can imagine if you smell ACV. But once you’ve got used to it, you’ll grow to love it (I’m speaking from experience, having recommended this to a number of people and seeing their reactions!).

I make mine first thing in the morning by cutting a slice of lemon and squeezing into a mug, adding approximately one tablespoon of ACV (I use Willy Chases ACV¬†which includes ‘The Mother’ – a friendly bacteria which contributes to the numerous health benefits) and a teaspoon of manuka honey (I usually try to pick this up in the Holland and Barrett penny sale, I aim for about 12+ active manuka honey), then add hot water..and enjoy!

The health benefits and numerous – the combination together can help to control blood sugar, aid digestion and promote healthy joints. It is rich in enzymes and nutrients, which help reduce bad cholesterol and support natural healing bacterial balance.

Have you tried it? How do you start your day?


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