What to Eat..Pre Workout

IMG_0358Having the right fuel before a workout can make a huge difference in your performance and progress. Here are some of my favourite pre-workout snacks:

Yerba Mate Tea – I like Yuyo teas Yerba Spice with cardamom and ginger. Yerba mate is a great source of energy and mental stimulation.

Apple or Dates with Peanut Butter and (optional) Granola – one of my favourite combinations, delicious and nutritious! A great combo of natural sugars, protein and good fats.

Energy Balls – my preferred option is apple, cashews, medjool dates, ginger, beetroot (i use OTE Superfood’s beetroot powder) and Cordycep mushroom power (I use Hybrid Herbs). The apple and dates provide energy, the ginger acts as an anti inflammatory, the beetroot helps improve oxygen flow meaning we can workout for longer and corcyceps have been shown to increase endurance and aerobic capacity and promote muscle protein synthesis.

Avo on Toast – ideally, sprinkled with Pots and Spoons savoury turmeric granola (so delicious!) great when you need a more substantial snack.

Nuts – my favourite are almonds, or alternatively a maple glazed pecan and sea salt Kind Bar (so tasty!).

Juice – my juice of choice is beetroot, apple and ginger, perfect (but don’t spill it!).

What is your go-to snack? 


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