5 things to not do in January

January is a minefield of potential health pitfalls..here is a few tips for what not to do..

  • commit to an expensive, 12 month gym membership – there is no point committing to a full year of membership before you have at least tried it out first, it’s expensive and unnecessary, check if your gym has a trial offer so you can give it a go and see if the facilities work for you.
  • start a restrictive, crash diet – this way of dieting may get results quickly but it is anything but a long term fix, instead look for a lifestyle change, making changes that are feasible to maintain in the long term
  • dive straight in to a high intensity workout programme – if you are not used to this style of training, it is important to ease yourself in, learning the correct technique. Yes, this may not get the results immediately but it will allow you to progress and improve further in the long term, without injury.
  • try and change everything all at once – make small, attainable changes to your diet and fitness regime that work towards your end goals. Breaking your goals down into bitesize chunks will help improve your motivation and not be too over facing.
  • be too hard on yourself – if you momentarily stray from your goals, don’t think you’ve ruined it all – just take a moment, reflect on what went wrong and carry on where you left off.

If you have any doubts about your workout programme or diet, or where to start full stop it would be useful to consult an expert – whether its a dietician or a personal trainer, an osteopath or a masseuse, it’s always best to get advice from those who know.

Who else is ready for a new year?

This year, my goals are to qualify as a Personal Trainer, travel as far and wide as I can (current plans include Ibiza, Japan, Australia and New York…but I hope to add in a few more, if there’s room!) and hone my workout routine incorporating as many new elements as I can learn (hello climbing, calisthenics, surfing…and any more suggestions welcome).


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