Healthy Habits to Start NOW


Whilst I know it isn’t New Year just yet, I always think there is no better time to make changes to improve your health and wellbeing than right now.

Here are a few tips that I use to keep healthy:

1) Make your own food. If you make your own food, you know exactly what is going in, you avoid added sugars/other nasties and you have more of an overview of what is going into your body. The key here is organisation – plan ahead, you don’t necessarily have to meal prep if this doesn’t work with your lifestyle, but know what you’re going to have each day of the week ahead – use a planner to write it down, or even a whiteboard on the fridge!

2) Start every day with a cup of hot water, a squeeze of lemon, apple cider vinegar and raw or manuka honey. My parents have been doing this for years and years and it is a habit I picked up from them, it helps kick start your body and sets you up for the day ahead – thank me later.

3) Buy a water bottle and challenge yourself to drink however many bottles full a day. I carry mine around (and leave it places, forgotten, often) and make sure I get my full water requirement in every day, if it’s there.. you’ll drink it! I also really enjoy drinking hot water, especially when it’s chilly – so if you’re not a huge fan of water generally this might be another way to try to up your intake.

4) Make sure you have healthy snacks readily available. Everyone at work laughs at my snack drawer but I keep it topped up with healthy snacks so I can reach in whenever I need an energy boost. For me, it’s important to have both sweet and savoury options, because some days I need sweet, some savoury (is that just me?).

5) If you are concerned with your diet or just wanting to make a change, a food diary is an excellent place to start – it can help you see things that you may otherwise miss, so you can analyse and pick out where you might be making bad choices. If you are wanting to seek professional advice about your diet, it’s also a great starting point!

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